Why are custom bobble heads so cool?

Custom bobbleheads are the animated version of us. Who wouldn’t like to see that, especially when you have a live example? The cool stuff quickly becomes awesome when it’s personalized. That’s exactly what custom bobbleheads is all about. Besides that, there are more reasons to why custom bobbleheads are so cool.

Humor quotient

Custom bobbleheads are considered cool mainly for its humor quotient. They tend to make you laugh or a least chuckle. It does that at the cost of absolutely no one. People take it on the lighter note, thanks to its fun design.

Information requirements

The makers can work with just a photo of your face. For a little variety, you can give as many poses as possible. For more details, provide detailed photographs of your body characteristics and outfits. You can always do a little tweaks to your hair style, facial features and more.

Singlepiece design

All bobbleheads come as a fully assembled, single piece. It’s where things get really funny. One cannot be too defendant on that. You just have to select an outlines image. You can start costuming it as you would prefer. From sporting your favorite mustache to growing stubble, everything is possible.

Grouping of bobbleheads

In addition to individual statues, you can always purchase couple statues. They look great as wedding cake toppers for western weddings. Recently, people are into parent-child posers as well. The ideas get as much interesting and personalized as any.

Multi-utility product

Custom bobbleheads naturally fit themselves to most occasions. In addition, it can be an all-purpose gift as well. You can buy them for day to day use in your car dashboard or reception desk. It can be a handy giveaway for official as well as sports events.

External resources

You can always use images from internet for outfit design. Outfit customization just needs some front and back body shots. You don’t have to have the outfits in hand. You can always send the maker some of the images you find online. Nevertheless, all of these inputs needs to be given before or during the sculpting process.

Why are custom bobble heads so cool?

Amount of detailing

Thereis a lot of detailing you can do with personalized bobblehead. You can work on the back detail shots of the head. Side detail shots of your left and right profiles can be addressed too. Full frontal and dorsal body shots are paid the most attention after your face.

Variety in themes

Bobbleheads come in a wide range of themes. Almost every theme can be addressed with bobbleheads. From fashion to hobbies to professions to weddings to super-heroes, everything is possible. You can even do funny, holiday and even adult themes. They make things easy for both parties.

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