Virginia Schools Remarkable for Their Successes, and their Funding Challenges

Virginia Schools has received national praise for several of its highly successful schools. Newsweek released its list with the top 5% schools across the country. 87 Virginia Schools made it to the list. Eleven Virginia Schools ranked among the top 100. Two additional Virginia schools were also included in the list. Two of those were Maggie Walker Governor’s School For Government and International Studies and Thomas Jefferson High School Science and Technology. Both schools were chosen because their students scored higher than the average SAT or ACT.

Virginia Schools achieve these results despite spending $7,751 each per pupil. This places the state at the top of the list for national spending. There are some encouraging results from the efforts of Virginia Schools. However, there are still some concerns and gaps. Virginia Schools are plagued by a achievement gap for minorities students, as is the case in the rest of America. Students of color and students from other ethnicities score lower on standardized tests than any other group. Academic success can be dramatically affected by socioeconomic factors.

This partnership is one way Virginia Schools are trying solve the problem. The Virginia Department of Education, the ECMC and Virginia ECMC Scholars Program were created in 2003. Their goal was to increase participation in postsecondary education among economically or otherly disadvantaged students. They also wanted to challenge these students to improve their preparation during their junior and seniors years of highschool.

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