How to set up a travel agency business: The principles

Today, travel agencies are selling as much as essential products and services, such as health services and Tailor-Made Holidays as there is a need for travel found in families of all classes who expect an opportunity for rest, leisure, family visits and other reasons.


Tour clients are increasingly demanding and are looking to travel agencies for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to follow market trends and the profile of the target audience.

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Depending on the location of the agency, the target audience can be quite diverse. An example of this is shopping mall agencies that cater to a variety of customers that differ with each other for reasons of travel, whether traveling with family or business, and customers differ by demographic characteristics. as gender, age, per capita income, level of education and others.

Market analysis

Keep in mind the clients that will be served by the agency and write down their key characteristics with all the data about their preferences, habits and others. Having a business plan that provides good market analysis, earnings estimates, costs, working capital, among other factors, is of paramount importance. This market research is important in establishing which travel packages, services, products, promotions and launches will be of interest to sales success and customer loyalty. For example, for the 50s segment, Singles Over 50s Holidays is the most suitable.

Location of a travel agency

Before setting up a travel agency, it is necessary to study the location well and the best choice will depend on a study of the elected regions. The study should contain the region’s per capita income, competitors, audience characteristics and, of course, the location that will provide the most customers.

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In choosing the location one must also think about the structure to be assembled and, for this, the decision of choosing the property will be very important. An ideal location for travel agencies is shopping centers in city centers, middle-class neighborhoods, shopping malls and airports. You can also choose to create an online travel agency, which can have great yields and a more attractive cost!

Market Trends

Tourism business owners should keep in mind that the number of travelers is greater than those of airplanes and stays available and to allocate their services with this in mind.

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Travel agencies must maintain the quality of services, adding value with differentiated services. One of the biggest phenomena in national and international tourism is the demand of old age clients. This tourism segment is growing and includes a peculiar target audience that seeks fun, leisure and other reasons to travel, being the ones that travel the most and have the highest per capita income.

In the end…

Day by day travel agencies require patience, attitude, good service and sensitivity to seize opportunities to do business, close interesting contracts and increase the number of clients. Agencies should have customer service with trained, courteous professionals who know all information about tour packages, company policy, promotions granted and other information.

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