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Sial is your meeting point for the drink and food market. It’s a significant market for gamers in manufacturers, import / export commerce and your retail services. It’s among the world’s greatest industry leaders who are encouraging the food industry’s rise. It’s the playground of global and domestic exhibitions. Sial China international showcase that attracts key manufacturers and buyers with a concentration on the world’s major challenges confronted in the food and beverage market. It’s the area that shows innovations and the trends that form the food business of tomorrow. Most of the beverage businesses are increasing at a fast speed.

National and worldwide manufacturers and producers of foodservice equipment and food products collect to be part of it and ensure it is a success. It’s the area where you know about the creations in the food industry and can market your products. It is somewhere to develop business with customers and decision-makers for retail and assistance. These exhibitions function to pull data and adequate knowledge together on processing and food methods. Sial China is the best platform for both startup and new companies. It’s the ideal place to market the products and gain access to promote products into a bigger targeted client base.

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