A Guide To Learn The Difference Between Smokers and Vapers


In the globalized world, there is hardly anything that remains without close substitutes comparatively with better effects. Cannabidiol, or commonly known as CBD, is overwhelmingly trendy and high in global demand products. It has multi-purposes and comes in different forms.

Just CBD is a highly acclaimed online store that sells certified and legal CBD products. Their product ranges from CBD oils, Gummies, Edibles, CBD vape juice, vape pens, etc. Considering the trends and lifestyle of their costumers, they even sell vegan and sugar-free CBD products.

Harmful Effects of Smoking

  • Nicotine caused the human body to be psychologically and physically dependent on it;
  • Nicotine does not just harm the active smoker but passive smokers(people who are present around but not smoking) as well;
  • Risks of different coronary diseases or the possibility of teratogenic effects ( causing a defect in birth or congenital) ;

What is Vape?

Traditionally, people have been accustomed to smoking tobacco in the form of a cigar, cigarette, etc. which consists of nicotine. Now, nicotine is a chemical substance that causes harmful effects on the human body and the environment. Its consumption makes our human body addicted to it over time.

Vape, on the other hand, is E-Cigarette, which gives flavors to the smoke. The flavor ranges from bubblegum to different varieties of fruits’ flavors. These flavors cause addiction to vapers. Some brands have brought to the market nicotine free vapes. CBD vapes, as it consists of CBD oil, reduces the risk of irritation caused by other vapes due to artificial chemical reactions.

Comparison between Vapers and Smokers

Now often, consumers may have a misconception that vape is much better than a smoking cigarette or that vape has no negative effect. There are negative effects attached to vaping as well. It is usually the people who are trying to get rid of smoking are the new vapers. Vaping is treated as quitting aid by ex-smokers.

Vapers are addicted to vaping due to the flavors attached to it rather than nicotine. Nicotine free vapes are still harmful because of the chemical reactions between the artificial chemical and flavors. CBD vapes are served as the best alternative to nicotine packed cigarette, providing them with minimized negative effects.

Smokers and vapers both get addictive to their respective products, but the difference comes from the flavor added to their smoke. Smokers, while smoking nicotine, has a smoke taste, whereas vapers, while smoking, has the desired flavor’s taste.

Vaping, however, can cause serious health effects faster than smoking. It also can be the cause of DNA damage or cell mutation, ultimately leading to the cause of cancer.

Other benefits of Vaping compared to Smoking

  • Vaping helps in relaxation.
  • Vaping can be considered as a habit rather than an addiction.
  • Vaping is a reduced negative effect substitute to smoking.


Hence, it is not an encouragement to start vaping, but a solution to people who are already addicted smokers. CBD vaping or other products would be the best alternative to traditional smokers.



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